Lessons on Teacher Pay Teacher

Grid Drawing

This lesson is ready to go. All pages are copy ready. Print out as many as you need for your students to learn and practice grid drawing. For more advanced students, have them go through the process once and then have them draw their own grids.

Grid Drawing Handout for students:

  • Grid Drawing:
  • How to make a Grid.
  • Grid Drawing:
  • How to make a Grid.

Includes printable Grids:

  • ¼ Inch Grid [2]
  • ½ Inch Grid [2]
  • 1 Inch Grid [2]
  • 1 Inch Grid [Full Page]

10 Classic Art works Grid Practice sheets:

  • Ando Hiroshige. The Sea at Satta Suruga Province. 1859.
  • Andy Warhol. Campbell’s Soup Can. 1962.
  • Albrecht Durer. Rhinoceros. Engraving 1515
  • Auguste Rodin. The Thinker. Bronze. 1902.
  • Vincent Van Gogh. The Cafe Terrace at Night.1888.
  • Jan Van Eyck. The Ghent Altarpiece (closed) 1432
  • Roy Lichtenstein. In the Car. 1963.
  • Claude Monet. Woman with a Parasol. 1886.
  • Day of The Dead Skull. Caradosso medal of St. Peter’s. 1505

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Lessons on Teacher Pay Teacher

Typography and Illuminated Manuscripts.

Introduce your students the making Typefaces/Fonts and Illuminated Manuscripts.

This lesson provides three projects in one. Students will draw an existing typeface in detail, create their own Typeface and make an Illuminated Manuscript. See examples of students work on my Classroom blog.

This 27 page PowerPoint includes great imagery and embedded notes for the teacher. Detailed notes give a lot of background and slides allow for the teacher to add her own personality to the presentation. Slides include two handouts (4 and 2 pages) and 4 poster to print to display in the classroom during the project. This project can be done in parts in a few days or take up to two weeks.

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